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Audio Services

Speed of Dark Music offers custom music composition, sound design, music catalog licensing, and audio production at rates that can be tailored for your project's budgets and accommodate your timelines. Please reach out to me via the contact page or directly at

  • Original music composition for interactive media (videogames, VR, web, gallery installation, corporate events). Mixed in stereo, surround (4.0, 5.1), or spatial audio (hrtf, ambisonic, dolby atmos, binaural).

  • Original music composition for linear media (film, TV, web) mixed in stereo or surround sound

  • Sound design (ambient soundscapes, UI/haptic, SFX) for linear or interactive media

  • Licensing of my extensive back catalog of music, including creating augmented versions or customized mixes

  • Audio production ~ basic editing, V.O. editing, synth/drum programming, cleaning/restoration, batch processing

  • Mixing ~ stereo, surround, or spatial audio mixes ~ let me mix your song!

  • Remixing ~ let me create a remix for your song!

  • Mastering ~ stereo or 4.0/5.1 surround. Digital mastering only (no analog, no tape). 

  • Online tutorial sessions ~ via Skype I can work with you on imparting knowledge and skills for sound design, mixing, synth/drum programming, synth/drum preset creation


Founded by Kasson Crooker with 30 years experience composing and producing linear & interactive music for bands, videogames, web, film/tv.  Decades of creativity and innovation in the videogame and audio technology industry creating interactive music games, innovative spatial audio experiences at THX and at Microsoft for HoloLens, immersive audio for web, and licensing music to well known films and TV shows.  

I'm primarily a classically-trained electronic musician but I also incorporate acoustic instrumentation and extensive sound design elements into my compositions.  My compositions range from haunting and serene to dark and visceral to uplifting and emotional and I can approach songs from abstract soundscapes to pop song arrangements. My Seattle-based studio facility features rare vintage synthesizers (Moog Sonic6, Prophet 10, Arp Odyssey) and I mix/master in stereo, surround,  and spatial audio formats.  My compositional influences include Wendy Carlos, Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Mica Levi, Depeche Mode, Portishead, Brian Eno, & Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Interactive web audio clients:

  • Barbarian Group, SpeedShape, TeamOneUSA, VW, Lexus

    • Custom music and sound design for interactive websites

Audio technology partnerships:

  • Microsoft, THX, Harmonix Music Systems

    • Audio Director at Microsoft creating spatial audio experiences for HoloLe)ns

    • Audio Director & Project Director at Harmonix (12 years) creating interactive music videogames like Amplitude, Guitar Hero, RockBand, and Dance Central (over a dozen shipped AAA titles)

Composition & Audio production experience:

  • Custom music creation for videogames (Audica, Shard, Neon FM, Amplitude HD, Chime#, Sentris, Phase, Guitar Hero)

  • Licensing of extensive music catalog to FILM and TV (Titan AE, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, The L Word, The Hills, Charmed, various indie films)

  • Composed & produced hundreds of songs for bands (Freezepop, Symbion Project, ELYXR, Splashdown, Rocococo)

  • Mixing, mastering, and audio production for dozens of bands and albums (stereo and surround

  • Beta-testing of synths and plugins, preset development (Eventide, Lexicon, Newfangled Audio)

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