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Rocococo Audiogame Fantastique

 ~ Produced by Speed of Dark Studios ~

Officially released on Steam for PC & Mac! Free demo available too!


If you don't use Steam, you can get a download of the game for

Mac & PC and the soundtrack via Bandcamp:

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Teaser Trailer

Click to visit Steam page

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Rocococo Audiogame Fantastique is a music-based audiogame with no visuals at all, and can be played by anyone from fully blind to fully sighted. As this indie game contains no visuals or graphics, you have to use your ears and cleverness to complete this narratively-driven puzzle adventure.  Rocococo can be played with just a keyboard, keyboard + mouse, or game controller.  Using advanced spatial audio tech and headphones, players use their ears to locate hidden audio tracks all around them, get as close to them as possible to successfully capture each one. The closer you can get and faster you capture, the higher your overall score is. While doing the locating and capturing, players need to avoid harmful robots and the Queen who chases you! 

The year is 2793 and the reclusive but quixotic Queen of Candied Apples lives alone in the Palace of Versailles with her Robot-Butler, and an army of robot servants and ladies-in-waiting. You the Marquis d’Tective who has been hired by the Le Butler Roboto to assist him in recovering his corrupted memory-banks by reassembling the songs of legendary baroque synthpop band Rocococo. The Queen, who is a bit crazy, has chopped up the songs into individual tracks and scattered them throughout the many rooms of the palace.  It’s up to you to use your ears to discover these musical tracks and reassemble them.  Each of the 13 levels feature unique gameplay and as the levels get more difficult, there are robots that can do harm, and in many levels the Queen will chase you around to "off with your head!" Throughout the game the Queen gets increasingly devious and you must learn new gameplay skills to adapt and discover secret audio cues. As you progress, charming voice actors for both the Butler and Queen will advance the story and unravel the mysteries of the palace. Upon finishing the game, the player will discover a dramatic twist… zut alors!

Speed of Dark is the indie-studio creating Rocococo, spearheaded by Kasson Crooker who is the Producer, Designer, and Composer.  Kasson has 20 years of game industry experience, primarily as Audio Director and Project Director on numerous AAA titles from Harmonix, including Guitar Hero 1 & 2, RockBand 1 & 2, and Dance Central 1 & 2. He is also passionate about spatial audio experiences, currently working at THX. Joseph Crump is the Lead Unity Engineer and additional Game Designer, along with Lyra Cupala who wrote the narrative and screenplay. Rocococo released their album "Versailles" in 2015 and their music has been updated and adapted for this video game.

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