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PR Services

Speed of Dark Music offers tailored PR campaigns for electronic bands focusing on either Singles, EPs, Albums, or music videos. Unlike other PR companies, I solely focus on electronic bands and offer additional services beyond what is normally offered. Want your album mixed, mastered and PR?  I can create a custom package that combines both audio production, mixing, mastering and PR to perfectly suit the needs of your release! Please reach out to me via the contact page or directly at

  • Extensive contacts via music blogs, internet/streaming radio stations, spotify/youtube playlists, and social media outlets focused on electronic music.

  • Custom tailored packages can be created if you need additional audio services like mixing, remixes, production/songwriting constructive criticism, and mastering coupled with you PR campaign.

  • Focus on wide array of electronic music genres from EDM, techno, synthpop/electropop, ambient, classical, and downtempo.

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